Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

Well, here they are, as promised. Pictures from our Christmas this year. It was a great one. Lots of fun now that Ellis is starting to really participate and understand things. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Ellis and Claire, waiting to eat/decorate Christmas cookies
Yummy Christmas cookies
Decorate your own cookies at Teddy Bear tea. She took this very seriously!
She loved this HUGE teddy bear.
Ellis and Claire, best buddies!
It's so nice to have friends who have kids the same age so you can share, complain, cry and laugh about it all.
"Wake up Uncle Bro!"
Nonna kisses
Opening her Christmas eve gift
Christmas morning! She was really excited about this jacket. Really. She put it on immediately.
Ellis and Uncle Bro
Mamaw--Ellis' great-grandmother
Skateboard from Uncle Bro
Lite Bright!
It snowed on Christmas day in Nashville. First time since 1969!
The house I grew up in.
Daddy and Ellis made two little snowmen that Ellis named Kayla and Mayla
Playing lite bright with Pop
Side profile

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fall and Winter 2010

Well, once again, it has been awhile since I posted on here. As I suspected when I posted over the summer, the past few months have flown by in a whirlwind. I am still in school too, which makes the days fly faster than I ever could have imagined. But, enough about me. Now, back to the star of the show--Ellis.

This fall was a time of great transition for Ellis. To begin with, we got her haircut for the first time! I cried; she didn't. Then, Ellis started preschool two mornings a week. Again, I cried; she didn't. In fact, she seemed to take to school right away though she still gets a little sad sometimes when we drop her off. But she talks about her classmates often and really likes her teachers.

Well, I think that sums it up for fall and winter. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm going to try to post some pictures from our Christmas in the next few days, so stay tuned for those. And a Happy New Year to all of you!

Apple picking
Apple picking in the daddy backpack
Walking with daddy to school on her first day
Giving daddy hugs before her first day of school
She was excited about going to school, though I don't think she knew exactly what that meant.
Daddy and daughter love
Playing with her classmates on her first day of school
Painting on her first day of school
For Halloween this year, Ellis was a NASA astronaut
I think NASA would hire her in a second
Helping mommy study for her big test
Fall is in the air
Look at how long her hair was the day of her first haircut
The haircut place
She was a brave girl in the barber chair
Snip, snip (I cried but she didn't)
Mommy and daughter love
She's getting excited about the lollipop she was going to get for not crying
After the haircut--so cute!
Uncle Bro came to our house for Thanksgiving
Erick and I have taken a picture at this exact same place (Cheers) every Thanksgiving for the past seven years.
Getting ready to cut down our Christmas tree
Apple cider donuts!
Riding the little blue train at the Christmas tree farm
Freezing with daddy
This was the tree we picked (Okay, I picked it).
Daddy and Uncle Bro cut down the tree
Ellis supervised
Ellis helped me decorate our tree
I love this face!